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Dated: 06/15/2017

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"Paradise" is exactly how I describe Indian River County. I never thought I would move to Florida however, I had never visited Indian River County... once I did, I was hooked! In January 2008 we altered our family vacation to include Vero Beach. I was instantly drawn to the small town charm, the arts, the culture, the beaches and most importantly the people. Have you ever visited a place where you instantly felt at home? Well, that is exactly how I felt about Indian River County!

Our family prepared for the big move to Florida by researching schools, jobs, neighborhoods and activities. This was an incredible time for all since we were taking a leap of faith by leaving our jobs, our friends, and the hometown we grew up in.

I was very fortunate to have worked for the Department of the Army as the Chief of Electro-Optics/Night Vision Division at Tobyhanna Army Depot and had 14 years of business coaching and was a coach for 12 years. I had extensive leadership training in negotiation, team building, strategic and business planning. I have never settled for mediocre and I had worked hard to get to this position. After deciding to move to Florida, I had to chose another career. I had always been drawn to real estate and I knew if I applied the training I had obtained, it would put me on track for success. By focusing on a business plan, I was able to have an incredible first year and continued each year thereafter. My goal was to provide the most incredible real estate experience for every customer and I was achieving it!

Charles Posess and Michael Brue determined that Vero Beach would be the location for their fifth franchise. I was honored to be selected as their Team Leader however, I was also faced with one of the biggest decisions - to stop selling real estate? Well, those who know me will tell you - I don't settle for mediocre, I don't stop at acceptable - I strive for more. I knew that before me was one of the most incredible opportunities... to coach, consult and train other agents to be better than average. This was an opportunity to lead a real estate team bigger than I could reach as a single agent. You see, I am passionate about what I do. If you see me getting excited about something, its because I believe in it, its because I care. My function now is on a larger scale - I'm not helping my customers have a positive real estate experience , I'm helping every single agent help their customer to have a positive experience in real estate. I think of every single agent as my business partner. I think of every single customer as my customer. I will not settle for mediocre and I never will. We will work hard to Welcome you to Vero Beach and for those of you who have been here for sometime, we'll work hard to earn your business.

I am focused on YOU. If you should ever need assistance, I am available to you. Please never hesitate to contact me directly and WELCOME TO VERO BEACH!

All the best,

Janelle Laurenzano

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